Dublin, Sunday May 29, 2022. After two years without meeting due to the pandemic, the Association of Cuban Residents in Ireland "Ernesto Ché Guevara", in coordination with the Consular Office of the Embassy of Cuba in this country, restarted its activities. The recent Mother's Day and the next Father's Day, propitiated the call.

A group of Cubans who live in the Irish capital and in other cities on the island enjoyed the meeting throughout Sunday afternoon at the Ambassador's residence. In a festive atmosphere, with Cuban music and dances, the president of the Association, Yordanka Leonard Beng, and the rest of the participants expressed their satisfaction at the resumption of the Association's activities.

In welcoming them, the counselor in charge of Consular Affairs, Mabel Rodríguez Morera, highlighted the importance of the "Ernesto Ché Guevara" Association of Cuban Residents in Ireland, whose work has been affected as a result of these years of pandemic. She highlighted the need to advance in its reactivation with the aim of reaching all Cubans who, based on respect, wish to join it. Likewise, she called on them to fight against the US blockade, intensified precisely in the last difficult years.

Finally, she reported on the decision to also resume face-to-face work at the Consulate, in a first stage for Cubans, which will allow more direct contact with them.

The almost 30 Cuban residents, some of them with their children, welcomed the initiative and enthusiastically expressed their desire to revitalize the Association, proposing other initiatives for the coming months.

Embassy in Ireland.

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