The return of Cuba to the new normality was also celebrated in the UAE

On November 13, at the Cuban Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, friends of Cuba, Cuban residents, foreigners graduated in our country, members of the Henry Reeve Brigade, health collaborators and the Embassy staff, celebrated the return of Cuba to the new normality.

During the activity, the Ambassador Roberto Blanco highlighted the work carried out by Cuban scientists, doctors and nurses to win the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, despite the strengthening of the criminal blockade imposed by the United States against the island. It was highlighted the effort carried out by the entire Cuban people, led by our revolutionary government, to achieve the successful advancement of the vaccination campaign, which today reaches more than 70% of the population.

Those present also celebrated the return of the children to schools, as well as the total reopening of the borders to tourism and all international travelers.

In the evening, it was reaffirmed the will of the Cubans to defend their Revolution, their independence and not to let anything or anyone prevents from the national celebrations for all our achievements.

The phrase ¡Cuba Vive! it was pronounced by all the participants in unison.

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