Tribute to Commandante Fidel Castro Ruz on 5th anniversary of his death

Five years ago on November 25, 2016, the man who became the most understanding leader born in the 20th century, Fidel Castro Ruz, passed away in his homeland, Cuba. He was 90 years of age at the time of his death and had been ailing for some time which had led him to give up the leadership of his country eight years before.

Many of my generation and younger would best remember Fidel as a cigar-smoking, bearded revolutionary with gun in hand. His courage in leading an attack on the Moncada barracks in Cuba in 1953 and his sterling legal self-defence at his trial became legendary and achieved world- wide recognition. However it is his spectacular return from exile, leading a virtual rag-tag band of guerrillas to ultimately overthrow one of the worst dictators in this hemisphere which gave him lasting fame.

Fidel is perhaps best known and revered for his achievement of leading Cuba in reconstructing its society along socialist principles. His uncompromising stance against imperialism and the domination of the world by a small group in the major western powers earned him the undying hatred of the United States and its allies. Cuba was virtually cut off by all sorts of unjust sanctions which are still in place up to today. Yet Cuba, led by this remarkable man, not only survived but inspired millions of suffering people the world over to stake their own claims for justice and the right to reorder their societies in the best interests of the poor and oppressed.

There are multiple examples of the outstanding achievements of Commandante Fidel, in Cuba and the rest of the world. His leadership in the struggle to build a society based on the socialist principles of equality and solidarity still stands out today as does his actions in trying to forge a global anti-imperialist alliance of nations. His work considerably enhanced the Non-Aligned Movement, gave impetus to the anti-colonial struggles especially in Africa.

Cuba and Fidel are well-known for their selfless sacrifice and solidarity in the fight to end apartheid in southern Africa. However one must never overlook the concrete examples of solidarity in providing assistance to countries all over the world in development, particularly in education and health.

Our country, St Vincent and the Grenadines, has been a recipient of Cuban solidarity especially in these fields. Cuba has single-handedly helped to provide us with a critical group of cadres trained in these fields and in others such as engineering, skills critical to our nation-building, for which we are eternally grateful, and it was with Comrade Fidel’s initiative and Cuba’s support that today we proudly boast an International airport.

We are not only highly respectful but eternally grateful for the contribution of Commandante Fidel and the Cuban people.



St. Vincent and the Grenadines Solidarity Association with Cuba.   

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