Sam Nujoma, Founding Father of Namibia, receives the Cuban Ambassador.

Sam Nujoma, Founding Father of Namibia, receives the Cuban Ambassador.

Namibia, November 1st, 2018- The Founding Father of Namibia and first President of this African nation, Sam Nujoma, received the Ambassador of Cuba, Giraldo Mazola Collazo. The Cuban diplomat paid a courtesy call to the historical leader of SWAPO on the occasion of the end of his mission in Namibia.

Both exchanged about the state of historical relations between the Communist Party of Cuba and SWAPO, the governments of Cuba and Namibia and between both peoples.

President Nujoma recalled several of his countless visits to the Island, as well as his meetings with Commander in Chief Fidel Castro. He also highlighted the fundamental role of Cuban troops in Angola for the independence of Namibia and thanked for the Cuban support in that and other issues.

Nujoma recalled the victory in the Cuito Cuanavale battle of the Angolan, Namibian and Cuban forces against the South African racist army and what that meant for the definitive independence of his homeland.

The Ambassador appreciated the words of the African leader and also highlighted the bravery of the SWAPO fighters and the Namibian struggle for their independence, not only on the battlefield, but also on the diplomatic front.

Mazola updated the Namibian ex-President on the situation in Latin America and the offensive of the regional right against the progressive governments and the ex-presidents of the left.

He also thanked President Nujoma for receiving him and for his constant support for his work in Namibia, as well as for Cuba.

For his part, Father Founder highlighted the work of Ambassador Mazola in his four years in Namibia and wished him success in his future.

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