Science for a Healthy Life

BioHabana 2022's main objective is to carry out a translation exercise of Life Sciences in Business Development, in a new worldwide scientific context, of innovation management and of health. The biological sciences are undergoing fundamental transformations, a situation similar to those of physics at the beginning of the 20th century. The main driver of these changes is their convergence with other sciences, especially data/information sciences, which is generating unprecedented large masses of data which open the possibility of a greater understanding of complex biological systems.

The convergence of Life Sciences with Neurosciences, Nanosciences, Data Sciences and Engineering, has caused a technological diversification of the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology industries, which now connects with what is known as the 4.0 Industry. The challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic have shown the tremendous possibilities of the scientific community and the biopharmaceutical industry to address severe health issues, based on a multidisciplinary and inter-institutional approaches, with unprecedented levels of integration not seen before in the history of the Biomedical Sciences. Cuba, a small country, with limited material resources, achieve remarkable results in controlling this disease by using this approach in conjunction with its social organization. Covid19 has blurred the border between infectious diseases and chronic non-communicable diseases, highlighting common underlying phenomena such as chronic low-grade inflammation and immunosenescence. In the post-Covid19 stage, it will be  necessary to face the increased burden of morbidity and mortality from chronic non-communicable diseases, in particular cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. It is also expected that the convergence of biological technologies, information technologies and engineering will have important impacts outside the field of human health, especially in food production, energy and environmental care.

Taking advantage of all these new possibilities will also require changes in the ways of managing value chains and business models. Then“global” nature of the challenges to human health (as illustrated by the Covid-19 pandemic), as well as the emergent food, energy and environmental challenges, is increasingly evident. No country can face them alone, and this demands a growing internationalization of scientific and business activity that will have to be tackled creatively. It is not possible to assume the technological realities of the 21st century with business strategies of the 20th century.

It is time to take advantage of the momentum generated in the last two years to face the post- Covid19 stage. BioCubaFarma, the Cuban Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology Industry Group, summons the world's scientific and business community to the BioHabana 2022 Congress. This Congress will be a unique space, due to its content and the context in which it will be held. It will allow a broad debate of the experiences and results of the participants, coming from both industrialized and developing countries, for the construction of alliances that allow a greater impact on public health.


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