Secretary of State for Health of Mongolia highlights Cuban biotechnological advances.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. November 14, 2019. The Hon. Ms. Amarjargal Yandam, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health of Mongolia was received at the Cuban diplomatic mission in Ulaanbaatar by the Ambassador of Cuba Raúl Delgado Concepción. At the meeting  where discussed  issues related to bilateral cooperation on health between both nations. Among the aspects was the interest of the highest health authorities in Mongolia for biotechnological pharmaceutical products produced in Cuba and the willingness of our authorities to continue working in the areas of human resources training, medical prevention among others themes.

The Secretary of State Ms. Amarjargal recognized the quality and progress of the Cuban industry in the production of medicines, as well as the advances experienced in Mongolia from the introduction of some of these products such as Heberprot P. Secretary of State expressed her recognition of the quality in the training of Mongolian medical professionals graduated in Cuba and indicated the interest of the Mongolian Ministry of Health in continuing to advance in the projects already initiated with our country.

The Ambassador of Cuba, on the other hand, ratified the will of the Cuban government to continue advancing in the registration and application of new Cuban biotechnological medicines to combat diseases such as complications of diabetic patients, cancer and hepatitis, in addition to continuing to contribute modestly to the training of Mongolian medical professionals. He also stressed that there is a wide range of possibilities for cooperation between the two countries in this area. (EmbaCuba Mongolia)


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