Show of solidarity with Cuba from Canada

Ottawa, March 30, 2021 - The Canadian Network on Cuba will send a container of 1,920,000 syringes and needles to the island in the coming weeks to support the Cuban population's vaccination program against COVID-19.

This initiative is part of the campaign launched by the Network on January 8 to raise funds in Canada to send a donation of needed medical supplies to Cuba.

In announcing this new action in solidarity with the Cuban people, the Network recognized the relevant achievements made by our country in the area of health and its contributions to other nations, even at a time when Cuba is facing a double pandemic: COVID-19 and the tight blockade by the United States, which has intensified to unprecedented levels, preventing the acquisition of medicines and equipment necessary to fight the current health emergency affecting the world.

This campaign has received the support of numerous Canadian friends, Cubans and citizens of other countries residing in Canada. 

The Cuban people are grateful for the noble gesture of the Canadian Network on Cuba and all the friends who participated in this laudable initiative.

Embassy of Cuba in Canada

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