Signatures of the book of condolence in India in posthumous tribute to Fidel Castro Ruz.

New Delhi, India, December 5, 2016. The Minister of State for External Affairs, MJ Akbar, signed on behalf of the Indian government the official book of condolences opened at the Cuban Embassy On November 28th to pay tribute to the Historical leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz.

In the text, Akbar dedicated his words to "the memory of an inspiration, the commanding voice of the 20th century whose memory will live across generations; Whose courage and intellectual power will be a beacon for all those who believe in the liberation of the impoverished from an imposed misery, who believe in the equality and sovereignty of nations, and in the right of every people to shape their own destiny." Farewell to a light that shall never clim.”

The book of condolences on the diplomatic mission was signed by Indian friends, parliamentarians, especially from the Left parties, personalities, political-social leaders, students, businessmen, journalists, university professors and diplomats, among them 63 ambassadors.  Many of them coincide to highlighted, in general sense, that Fidel symbolizes a leader of global character, a tenacious fighter and a consistent revolutionary, whose legacy will continue to inspire millions of people in the world (Embacuba India).

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