Sinn Féin reiterates in its National Conference its condemnation of the Yankee economic blockade against the Cuban people.

Sinn Féin reiterates in its National Conference its condemnation of the Yankee economic blockade against the Cuban people.

Dublin, October 31, 2021. The National Conference of the Sinn Féin party held on October 30, approved a motion that reiterates the condemnation of the economic blockade imposed for more than 60 years against the Cuban people and demands that it end.

The Conference also praised the work of the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigades.

Text of the approved motion:

This Ard Fheis notes the heroism of the Henry Reeve International Medical   Brigades´ throughout the global Covid-19 pandemic. We send our appreciation and solidarity to the Cuban Government in particular recognition of their internationalist medical programme, and pay tribute to the selflessness of the Cuban people.

This Ard Fheis reiterates our condemnation of the imposed six-decade long blockade of Cuba by the USA.

The international community has continuously witnessed the socio-economic consequences of the blockade´s impositions against Cuba people; especially in hindering Cuba´s domestic ability to access medical supplies necessary in tackling the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sinn Féin calls on the Irish Government to utilize its position in the United Nations to call for the illegal blockade of Cuba to be lifted and for bilateral relations to be normalized between the US and Cuba.

Party President Mary Lou McDonald in her closing speech at the conference ratified Sinn Féin's solidarity with the Cuban revolution at a time when it is undergoing destabilization actions, the resurgence of sanctions that have generated so much suffering for the Cuban people.

Cuba was very present in the session dedicated to international solidarity with the interventions of Deputy John Brady, spokesman for international affairs of the party, Declan Kearney, the National Coordinator and comrades Matthew McLaughlin and Adrian Gallagher, all of them left testimony of recognition to the heroism of the Cuban people in confronting the aggressions, the attempts of destabilization and the persistence to make the social and economic conquests of the Revolution grow, facing the challenges imposed by the blockade.

The Cuban ambassador in Ireland was also invited to deliver a message to the Conference, an occasion that he took to give testimony of deep gratitude for the sustained solidarity towards the Cuban Revolution.  

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