Socialist MP visits the Embassy of Cuba in the Kingdom of the Netherlands

The Hague, February 25, 2019. Third Secretary of the Cuban Mission in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Katia Aruca Chaple, received in the morning of Thuresday February 21st  Bas van der Voort, a member of the Socialist Party and (SP) who resides in the municipality of Oos.

During the positive meeting, a number of current issues were discussed, as well  the broad possibilities for coordinating a new visit  Bas to Cuba.

It was a good opportunity to share with Bas the statement of the Cuban Revolutionary Government under the title: It is imperative to halt the imperialist military adventure against Venezuela, in which Cuba denounces the escalation of pressures and actions by the Government of the United States to prepare a military adventure disguised as "humanitarian intervention" in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and calls on all peoples and governments of the world to defend Peace.




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