Solidarity and friendship towards Cuba grows.

Nigeria, July 7th, 2023.-. Pavel Bauzá Fusté, Counselor of the Cuban embassy in Nigeria, received at the headquarters of the Cuban diplomatic mission comrade Tar Ukoh (Mambisa), a faithful exponent of traditional Nigerian culture and who holds the Friendship Medal, awarded by the Republic of Cuba and comrade Chom Bagu, a friend of Cuba too.

The moment was propitious to address issues of common interest, essentially on the cultural and historical elements that unite Cuba and Nigeria. We talked about the importance of our traditional cultures and histories to educate the new generations.

During the meeting, the importance of studying the legacy of Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro, was also highlighted in the context of contemporary politics where it is necessary more than ever to evoke revolutionary ethics and the example of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution.

  (Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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