Solidarity with Cuba and Rejection to the Blockade in UK’s Latin American Conference.

London, 28 January. Solidarity and the rejection to unilateral sanctions were the main topics addressed at the Latin American Conference that took place today here. The sessions of the event were structured in panels that addressed the situation in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, among other issues of the regional reality.

It was a fitting event to mark the 170th birthday anniversary of the Apostle of the Cuban independence, José Martí. Ambassador Bárbara Montalvo spoke at a panel on the blockade imposed on the Caribbean Island, where they exposed the damage that this genocidal policy has caused the Cuban people. Furthermore, First Secretary Michel Rodriguez referred to the legacy, ethics and principles of Martí and Fidel in the Revolution.

Throughout the event, panellists and participants reaffirmed their solidarity with Cuba and the rejection to sanctions and blockades. In her closing remarks, the Cuban diplomat highlighted that the world needs solidarity, cooperation and mutual respect, not blockades and sanctions. She concluded by saying that those who dream, work and fight for a better world, need cooperation and unity to face common challenges.

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