Solidarity with Cuba by Indian organization ISCUF.

An event of solidarity with Cuba was held in the city of Cuttack, in the Indian state of Odisha, as part of the activities of the 23rd National Conference of the Indian Society for Cultural Cooperation and Friendship (ISCUF). 

Cuban Ambassador Alejandro Simancas Marin attended the event and expressed his gratitude for the expressions of solidarity and friendship with our country. He also highlighted ISCUF's relevant contribution to the strengthening of bilateral regarding, which will celebrate its 63rd anniversary on January 12. 

The Secretary General of ISCUF, Bijay Kumar, pointed out that Cuba has been and is an example and inspiration for them in the search for a society of social justice with evident achievements in health, education and rights for all its citizens. He also stressed that Cuba is a bastion of the global south in the defense of the rights of the peoples and against imperialism. He called for an end to the blockade and the pressures of the United States on the island and praised the resistance of the Cuban people in the face of adversity. 

Other academics also spoke before the auditorium of the city's main theater. The activity concluded with a colorful cultural performance. 

Pallab Sangupta, President of the World Peace Council, was also present.





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