Solidarity with Cuba, Venezuela and Syria on the occasion of the Commemoration of the 57th Anniversary of the Victory of Playa Girón.

Port of Spain, April 15, 2018-The State Mission of Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago, and representatives of the Movement of Solidarity and Trade Union in this country, gathered at the headquarters of the Communications Unions to commemorate the 57th Anniversary of the Victory of Playa Girón. The act that brought together about a hundred people, was headed by Guillermo Vázquez Moreno, ambassador of Cuba; Coromoto Godoy Calderón, ambassador of Venezuela; Peter Burke, vice president of "Friends of Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago", as well as leaders and members of the main Trinidadian labor movements and an important representation of Cuban health collaborators working in the country.

In recalling the historical significance of the Giron deed in Latin American and Caribbean history, the various speakers who spoke expressed their solidarity with the people of Venezuela and Syria who are currently facing vicious attacks by their ideological enemies, who are trying to destabilize their countries with the same ambitions and imperial strategies against which 57 years ago the Cuban people fought on the beaches of Girón.

The Cuban Ambassador remarked in his speech that the best way to honor the martyrs of Playa Girón on a day like the one indicated was to show loyalty and solidarity with the homeland of Chávez and thereby support the revolutionary and internationalist thinking of Fidel. The Cuban diplomat joined the demonstrations against the invasion of Syria and recalled the need to continue fighting for a lasting world peace, and invoked the declaration of Latin America as a zone of peace, signed by all the presidents of the region at the Summit of CELAC in Havana in 2013.

The Venezuelan Ambassador for her part thanked the continuous demonstrations of solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution received by the Cuban State Mission, as well as by the Trinidadian people at a time when their country faces a fierce campaign from abroad.

The political - cultural evening included the awarding of the most outstanding works of the National Scientific Conference carried out by the Cuban Medical Brigade that works in this country, worthy representatives of the Cuban social conquests and the values of internationalism and altruism of the Cuban Revolution.

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