Solidarity group condemns in Liberia intensification of US blockade and the complicit silence of US in the face of armed attack on the Cuban embassy in Washington.

Monrovia, October 31, 2020 - The Liberia-Cuba solidarity group denounced the complicit silence of the US government and the evasion of justice for those guilty of terrorism against Cuba, while a growing intensification of the blockade against Cuba, which has lasted more than six decades, is taking place.

In a statement, the solidarity group expressed its support for the Cuban people in their six-decade struggle against the economic blockade and the aggressive US policy against Cuba.

In the context of the solidarity statement, the friendship organization strongly condemned the armed attack on the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Washington, denouncing that such a crime of a terrorist nature should be thoroughly investigated by US authorities.

The Liberian solidarity organization also censures the attempt by the US government to evade its responsibility in the face of this crime and insists that the aggressors must be punished, the terrorist actions must be rejected in all their manifestations. It points out that the great merit of the Cuban people has been to confront the pandemic in the midst of the growing hostility of the US government, marked by atrocious financial persecution and permanent attempts to discredit the island's international medical cooperation as part of the tightening of the blockade, and which adds up to five months of lack of public recognition. "Without a doubt," they state in the communiqué, "terrorism continues to be a global challenge.


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