Solidarity Ireland-Cuba, always present.

Solidarity Ireland-Cuba, always present.

Dublin, January 20, 2018. Members of the executive of the Cuban Support Group, headed by its president, the architect Simon McGuinness, paid a visit to the new ambassador of Cuba in Ireland, Hugo René Ramos Milanes. At the meeting, they talked animatedly about the multiple tasks developed by the organization in the course of 2017 and the main goals proposed for the year that has just begun.

The continuity of the mobilization work in favor of the lifting of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States government on Cuba and the dissemination work on the serious consequences of this for the economic development of Cuba was reconfirmed as a work priority.  As well as the negative consequences for the Island and its commercial relations with the rest of the world, and the continuity of the cooperation that Cuba offers to more than a hundred nations.

Likewise, it motivated the fraternal exchange between the participants in the meeting, the work that can be developed jointly in favor of the expansion of relations between Cuba and Ireland in all possible spheres, and the identification of new opportunities that contribute to that noble objective.

The historical links and the similarities that unite these two great Islands and their peoples were present in the talk, which could not miss the obligatory reference to the legendary hero CHE GUEVARA, whom Cubans proudly recognize as one of their great men , --right won by Che with his revolutionary work and personal sacrifice-- and his motherly Irish origin, of which the legendary hero was proud. Nor could references be missing to the link with Ireland of the greatest of the Cuban JOSE MARTI, through the influence exercised by that Grand Professor Felix Varela. Marti with a very prolific literary and political work wrote about the historical similarities between the two Islands, their peoples and their sovereigns aspirations.

Likewise, our beloved FIDEL, the greatest Martian among all Cubans, was always close to the Irish people.



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