Speaker of House of Representatives of Liberia welcomes Charge d'Affaires of Cuba.

Accompanied by several colleagues, Mr. Emmanuel Nuquay, Speaker of the Liberian House of Representatives, received the Charge d'Affaires of Cuba in Liberia, within the framework of a courtesy visit of the latter to the Liberian parliamentarian. The meeting took place in the Conference Hall of the House and also attended by the Second Secretary Carme Maury, for the Cuban side.

The Cuban official sent a fraternal greeting on behalf of the Cuban government and parliament. He also thanked Liberia's support for Cuba's struggle to lift the unjust economic, financial and trade blockade imposed on the Caribbean nation over half a century. He presented some interesting information on the composition and functioning of the National Assembly of People's Power of Greater Antilles, with emphasis on the work carried out in the field of International Relations, mainly through the Parliamentary Groups of Friendship.

The head of the lower house of the Liberian parliament also offered a synthesis of the functioning of this and its interrelation with the Senate and the presidency. Mr. Nuquay expressed the "willingness to strengthen ties between the two parliaments to strengthen relations with the government and the people of Cuba." He also said he would "work with the Liberian government to continue supporting Cuba in the fight against the blockade."

Under a bicameral parliamentary system, Liberia has a Senate, composed of 30 members, 2 for each of the country's 15 counties and a 73-member House of Representatives in correspondence with the country's 73 constituencies. Both chambers constitute the national legislative power.

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