Speaker of the Parliament of Finland receives the Cuban Ambassador

Helsinki, May 9, 2018. The Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Finland, Her Excellency Paula Risikko, received on Tuesday, May 8th, at the premises of the legislative body, the Ambassador of Cuba Eduardo Lazo Pérez, who paid a courtesy visit to the high representative.

During the meeting, both interlocutors highlighted the good relations between both countries and the potential to continue developing these ties for mutual benefit. At the same time, they highlighted the positive development of the links between Cuba and the European Union, particularly the signature and provisional implementation of the Agreement on Political Dialogue and Cooperation.

At the same time, both parties highlighted the willingness and existing possibilities to promote links and exchange of visits between representatives of the legislative bodies of Finland and Cuba.

The Speaker of the Parliament, who assumed the current post last February, highlighted the good functioning and activism of the Friendship Group with Cuba in the Finnish Parliament, one of the largest groups in the legislative body, and noted that it express the interest and sympathy that Cuba arouses. The aforementioned Friendship Group brings together 18 deputies from the different political forces represented in Parliament, as well as a similar number of parliamentary assistants and officials.

The Cuban Ambassador thanked the traditional position of Finland in favor of the resolution presented by Cuba every year in the United Nations General Assembly condemning the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against the Caribbean island. (Report: Embassy of Cuba)

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