Speaker of Saint Kitts and Nevis Parliament receives the Cuban Ambassador.

Baseterre, February 11, 2022- In a courtesy visit, the Cuban ambassador, David Rivero Pérez, was received this Thursday, at the headquarters of the National Assembly of Saint Kitts and Nevis, by its President, Honorable Anthony Michael Perkins.

During the fraternal meeting, both parties congratulated themselves on the good state of bilateral relations and expressed the will to continue strengthening the ties between the respective Parliaments.

The legislature leader offered an explanation about the composition of the Assembly, currently made up of fifteen members, of whom four are women, one of them graduated from the Cuban Medicine University. Likewise, he expressed his interest in knowing about the Cuban Parliament, in terms of composition and form of election, elements that the diplomat delved into, also explaining about the debate process on the project of the new Families Code, as a result of the new Constitution approval in 2019.

Ambassador Rivero, for his part, also referred to the good performance of his country facing the Covid-19, with the development of 5 vaccines, some of which are already being used with good results, in other friendly nations. Likewise, he denounced the intensification of the United States blockade against Cuba in the context of the pandemic, while thanking the permanent support of Saint Kitts and Nevis in this regard.

Speaker Perkins expressed that the permanence of the blockade personally baffles him and reiterated his country's position against this scourge, which directly harms the Cuban people. He insisted that Cuba should not give up in this fight that is already 60 years old.

Also attend the meeting, on the Cuban side, Ivón Tomé Flis, First Secretary, and Bjorn Hazel, Senior Official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of St Kitts and Nevis.

(EmbaCuba San Cristóbal y Nieves- Cubaminrex)


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