Speech by President Miguel Díaz-Canel.

Havana, December 22. In his speech before the National Assembly, when referring to United States policy towards Cuba, the Cuban president highlighted: “Three years of a Democrat administration that acts with total attachment to its Republican predecessor, confirm that the hostility against Cuba does not respond to a party, but it is a policy based on the hegemonic pretension of an empire incapable of accepting the sovereignty of its small neighbor.

More than thirty consecutive times, the majority of the world's governments have supported, by vote before the United Nations General Assembly, the Cuban Resolution against the blockade.

The imperial arrogance despises this global support, turns its face in the face of the global demand, and maintains its criminal policy, which it justifies from a discursive construction of double standards, lying and slanderous that, behind a false concern and commitment to the problems of the Cuban people, hides its real intentions to destroy the Revolution at any cost.”


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