Statement by Ambassador Pablo Berti Oliva, Permanent Representative of Cuba during the 61st Session of the Preparatory Commission of the CTBTO

Statement by Ambassador Pablo Berti Oliva, Permanent Representative of Cuba during the 61st Session of the Preparatory Commission of the CTBTO

Mr. Chairman:

We congratulate you on your work at the head of the work of the 61st Session of the Preparatory Commission and express our full cooperation in the execution of the activities of this body.

The Cuban delegation endorses the statements made by the Group of 77 and China and by the Group of Latin American and Caribbean Countries.

We thank Dr. Robert Floyd, Executive Secretary, for his opening remarks and the presentation of his report, as well as the Provisional Technical Secretariat for the documents prepared for this meeting.

Mr. Chairman:

Cuba welcomes the holding of the 13th Conference on Facilitating the Entry into Force of the CTBT, which took place in New York last September 22, and recognizes the work done by the co-chairs, the distinguished ambassadors of Panama and Norway, while we take note of the adoption of the Final Declaration of the Conference.

We support the initiatives being implemented to promote the participation of youth and women, to improve equitable geographic representation and to promote multilingualism at all levels of operation of the Provisional Technical Secretariat, the Preparatory Commission and its subsidiary bodies. We urge the Provisional Technical Secretariat to continue to work towards this objective.

We also recognize the positive impact of the Program of Support and Participation of Technical Experts from developing countries. A Cuban expert has been part of the program, which is of benefit to both parties.

We hope that the necessary decisions for the appointment of the External Auditor and the members of the Advisory Group will be adopted at this session. The proper functioning of the Organization requires these decisions.

Mr. Chairman:

We call on the States Parties to continue to favor the adoption of decisions based on consensus and respect for the principles of the organization and the non-politicization of the debates and decision-making processes.  We reiterate the need for the operation of this and other bodies to take into account the established rules and regulations.

We take note of the revised draft decision on the use of the cash surplus. At the same time, we stress the importance of bearing in mind, when drafting and discussing budgetary issues, the financial difficulties faced by developing countries, which impose complex situations for the payment of their quotas, as in the case of Cuba due to the effects derived from the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed more than 64 years ago.

Mr. Chairman:

It is crucial that this instrument enters into force immediately and joins others that are part of the international disarmament and non-proliferation regime, such as the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

In the interest of achieving a world free of nuclear weapons, we must reiterate the call for a complete ban on nuclear testing.

Thank you very much.


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