Statement by Cuban revolutionary Government: Cuba denounces ‘known liar’ Bolton

By The Mast, Larry Moonze on March 14, 2019. CUBA says US National Security Advisor John Bolton is a well-known liar. The Revolutionary Government of Cuba has denounced the tendency of the United States government to lie without any limit or restraint whatsoever.

“One of the most relentless and shameless statements made has been the slanderous assertion that Cuba has between 20,000 and 25,000 troops in Venezuela which ‘exercise control’ on that sister and sovereign nation and ‘keep’ the members of the glorious and combative National Bolivarian Armed Forces ‘under threat’,” noted the Cuban government in a statement dated March 11, 2019. “Cuba categorically rejects that lie and equally strongly refutes any insinuation that there is some level of political subordination by Venezuela to Cuba or by Cuba to Venezuela. John Bolton is a well-known liar whose trajectory goes back a long way. He was the US government official who, back in 2002, accused Cuba of having a programme to develop biological weapons, a fallacy that was publicly denied by former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who was his superior back then; and by ex-president James Carter. This falsehood also forced Bolton to undergo a US Congress investigation.”

Cuba recalled back in 2003, Bolton was also among those who disseminated the lie that the government of Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and a programme to develop them. “Such a lie, after being repeated at every level of the US government and magnified by the big media, served as a pretext for the aggression and military occupation of that Middle East country by the United States at a cost of almost one million deadly casualties and millions of displaced Iraqis, plus thousands of US soldiers killed and wounded during a military campaign whose goal was also oil,” it stated.

“As has been publicly announced and is known by the honest and well-informed persons, the bilateral relations between Cuba and Venezuela are based on mutual respect, true solidarity; a shared commitment, based on the ideas of [Simon] Bolivar, [Jose] Marti, Fidel [Castro] and [Hugo] Chavez , with the integration of an independent and sovereign “Our America”; the willingness to practice complementary cooperation among all the peoples of the South and the common effort to implement and defend the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace.”

Cuba argued that the projects contained in the Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement that was signed between Cuba and Venezuela involve the participation of a little more than 20,000 Cubans, most of them women.

It explained that 96 per cent of them were devoted to the provision of health services to the population.  Others work in other sectors such as education, culture, sports and agro-food production.

“Just to mention some figures, the historical impact of that cooperation in Venezuela has been reflected in the 1,473,117 human lives that have been saved; the 717,029,310 medical diagnoses made; the medical assistance received by 62,031,309 persons suffering from eye problems; the 12,915,648 vaccines against measles and tuberculosis administered to people; and the 3,095,564 persons who have been taught to read and write,” Cuba explained. “It is absolutely not true that Cuba is taking part in operations carried out by the National Bolivarian Armed Forces or the security services.  This is a slanderous rumor deliberately disseminated by the Government of the United States. 

When Bolton as well as other politicians and officials of the US government rely on such rumors, they are deliberately lying to pursue aggressive political purposes.  They have sufficient data and information and know the truth.”

It stated that Cuba doesn’t interfere in the internal affairs of Venezuela, just as Venezuela does not interfere in Cuba’s internal affairs.

“Unlike the United States, which has about 80 military bases in Latin America and the Caribbean, including the one that is usurping the Cuban territory in Guantánamo; and around 800 in the entire planet, with more than 250,000 quartered troops, Cuba does not have any base in any country; or specialists in torture and police repression; or secret prisons; or naval or air forces prowling around the coasts or the immediate air space of sovereign States; or satellites watching every single detail,” it stated.

Cuba recalled it was through the use of lies that imperialism promoted the bloody coup d’état of Augusto Pinochet in Chile and many other coups and repressive dictatorships in the Western hemisphere. “It was through the use of lies that more than 10,000 defenseless citizens were assassinated during the military invasion against Panama in December of 1989.   It was through the use of lies that the military aggression and destabilization of Libya was perpetrated,” it stated.

Cuba noted that it was with lies that the US and other powers fully supported, all the way until the very last minute, the opprobrious apartheid regime in South Africa. “The Revolutionary government warns and denounces that the tendency of the government of the United States to lie without any limit or restraint whatsoever has already had dangerous consequences in the past that could replicate in the present,” stated the Cuban government.



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