Statement by the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Embassy of Cuba in RIyadh condemns subversive action by the USA


Riyadh, November 14th, 2021

For more than 60 years, the United States government has maintained an intense and constant policy of aggression against Cuba, in its attempt to provoke a regime change, in frank violation of the human rights of the Cuban people and of the principles established in the Charter of the United Nations.

In the last eight months of 2021, the Joe Biden administration has persisted and increased its aggressive actions to inflict suffering, alter internal tranquility and security, and generate internal destabilization and a manufactured social outbreak in Cuba, making COVID-19 an ally of this aggression, using the most abhorrent and despicable practices that can be employed: mercenarism and lies.

Mercenaries are the operators and internal agents recruited, trained, logistically supported and paid by the United States, who join this aggression organized from that country and from its accredited Embassy in Havana, in exercise of the official policy of the United States government, with the active participation of senior officials from the White House, the State Department and other agencies, with the permanent intervention of anti-Cuban senators and congressmen, with the participation of entities that respond to the policy of the United States government.

The government of the United States, its internal operators in Cuba, and its agents in other capitals (mainly European) lie, who, connected with violent groups with a long history of terrorist actions against Cuba, use a very powerful communication machinery, particularly digital, in order to to build a non-existent virtual scenario, from lies and unreality, in the hope of turning it into the reality that does not exist in Cuba.

They lie shamelessly when they talk about offers of help and shipments of food and medicine. There has been no offer of aid from the United States government to Cuba, humanitarian or of any kind, throughout the entire pandemic. Not a single ton of food or medicine has been sent to Cuba by the US government.

On the contrary, the aggressive practice that the government of President Joe Biden has dragged with its regulations, since the previous administration, has rather hampered the generous donations, the collection efforts and the extraordinary efforts of solidarity groups, of groups of settled Cubans in the United States, from organizations of the US civil society that have sent volumes of humanitarian aid at the cost of many efforts whose moral value and encouragement to our people is nevertheless immense.

The Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, all its Cuban and native personnel, strongly condemns these new subversive actions, which in fact constitute an unconventional act of war by the United States government against Cuba, directed against the right of our country to peace, as well as the tranquility and security of our entire people.

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