Statement of the II International Meeting of Theoretical Publications of Left Parties and Movements in solidarity with the people of Palestine. Havana, February, 12-14, 2024.

For more than four months now, thousands of Palestinians are being murdered daily in the Gaza Strip, 70% of them children and women, as a result of the indiscriminate bombings carried out by Israel.

It is an expression of double standards that some forces, such as the US imperialists and their allies, talk about the protection of human rights, while pretending to be deaf and dumb, covering up and diverting attention from the tragic situation in Gaza, which becomes in an offense to international humanitarian law and the most basic principles of justice.

In this context, the participants in the II International Meeting of Theoretical Publications of Left Parties and Movements, gathered in Havana, Cuba, strongly condemn the clear violations of international humanitarian law in Gaza. We reject the genocide and forced displacement to which the Palestinian civilian population is subjected. At the same time, we reaffirm our unequivocal solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The current situation is a consequence of 75 years of illegal occupation, in flagrant violation of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people to live in peace, in their own territory.

We denounce the responsibility and complicity of US imperialism in obstructing, repeatedly and with various excuses, the action of the United Nations Security Council for a ceasefire.

We strongly demand that Israel immediately end its indiscriminate military attacks and destruction in Gaza, fully implement the relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions and cooperate with humanitarian relief work.

We urge Israel to immediately comply with the ruling of the International Court of Justice, while expressing our deepest concern about the serious humanitarian situation. We call on the international community to continue demanding an end to the bombings and the opening of a humanitarian corridor for the entry of medicines and food for the civilian population.

We reiterate the need for a comprehensive, just and lasting solution to the Palestinian cause, support for the legitimate right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and the establishment of a sovereign and independent State.

Long live free Palestine!

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