Statement by Ileana Núñez Mordoche, Director for Europe and Canada at the General Division of Bilateral Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba

Cuba reiterates its firm historical position against mercenarism and upholds its active role at the United Nations against that practice. Cuban laws are very explicit in relation to the criminalization of crimes such as trafficking in persons, smuggling of migrants and mercenarism. 

Cuba likewise reiterates that it is not a part of the war conflict in Ukraine.  It also states that, following the uncovering of a trafficking in persons network operating from Russia, intended to recruit Cuban citizens settled in that country, as well as others residing in Cuba, so that they would join the military forces taking part in war operations in Ukraine, several attempts of this same nature have been neutralized and criminal proceedings have been established against persons involved in such activities.

The Cuban authorities maintain an exchange with their Russian counterparts in relation to these incidents, given the excellent level of relations that exist between both countries, with the purpose of clarifying these events.

#Cuba reiterates its firm historical position against mercenarism, clearly established as a crime by Cuban laws, and against trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants.

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