Statement by the President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, at the Special CELAC Summit of Heads of State and Government to consider the break-in at Mexico's diplomatic mission in Ecuador. 

Dear President Xiomara Castro;

Heads of State and Government and other representatives of the nations of our region,

On behalf of its people and government, Cuba appreciates and supports the convening of this special CELAC Summit, given the serious nature of the issue that brings us together.

As the legitimate and only mechanism for dialogue and consultation that brings together the 33 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, we have the responsibility to consider and pronounce ourselves on the serious events that took place on April 5 at the Mexican Embassy in Ecuador.

A few weeks ago, in commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, I recalled the common duty to ratify the commitment that no country in Latin America and the Caribbean would ever use violence against a sister country.

Against this duty and our commitments, last April 5, the Ecuadorian police violently broke into the diplomatic premises of Mexico in Quito, a hostile and unacceptable act, which merits the most unequivocal rejection.

I reiterate Cuba's strong condemnation of this flagrant violation of international law, including the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the right to asylum.

The images we have seen leave no doubt: Mexico's sovereignty was violated. The physical integrity and dignity of diplomatic personnel was infringed upon.

The resort to dialogue and peaceful settlement of disputes -the basis of relations between our nations- was ignored. 

The commitment we all endorsed in the Peace Proclamation to banish the use of force forever was ignored. 

What has happened not only has a very negative impact on the bilateral relations between Mexico and Ecuador but also affects all countries in this region and the international community as a whole. 

The violation of international law and the undermining of the legitimate rights of a State are a grievance to all. 

We urge the restoration of former Vice President Jorge Glas' status prior to the assault on the Mexican Embassy, and that his case be reviewed in accordance with international law. 

Ensuring that reprehensible events such as this do not happen again in Latin America and the Caribbean will largely depend on the actions we take today.

To accept or remain silent in the face of the unacceptable behavior of the government of Ecuador would set a very grave and dangerous precedent.

CELAC and the countries represented in it have the obligation to defend international law firmly and without hesitation, making it absolutely clear that the violation of its principles is not justified under any circumstances.

Respecting international law is an imperative to guarantee peaceful coexistence. It is also a necessary premise to maintain unity within our diversity. It is an essential requirement to move forward towards the integration that can no longer be deferred.

Excellencies, friends, brothers and sisters of Latin America and the Caribbean;

As I expressed just a few hours after the attack on the Mexican Embassy in Ecuador, I extend our full solidarity to our brother Mexican people, to our dear President Andrés López Obrador, to Secretary Alicia Bárcena and to the Mexican government.

From Cuba, where you are admired and loved for your exemplary and historical respect for the rights of others, your solidarity and your commitment to integration, I reaffirm that Mexico can count on our firm support to any actions it may take in response to this unacceptable breach of international law.

Thank you.


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