Statement by President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez at the International Conference for the Financing of the Reconstruction of the Southern Peninsula of Haiti. February 16, 2022.

His Excellency Mr. Ariel Henry, Prime Minister of the Republic of Haiti; Her Excellency Mrs. Amina Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations; Distinguished guests; Once again, what brings us together here is the human drama facing Haiti, the poorest nation in our hemisphere, and also –due to its geographical position- one of the most vulnerable to the natural catastrophes that distressingly affect the Caribbean  Quite a lot is being said about the harsh blows dealt by Nature and the social violence that have punished Haiti as if it were under a curse for more than two centuries. Much less is being said though, as if there was an intention to hide other peoples’ faults, about the real causes and the dramatic consequences of the colonial and post-colonial abuses of imperial powers, which made that nation pay a high price, all through more than 200 years, for the audacity of staging the first Revolution led by black men and women who had been slaves until that moment; for being the first independent Republic of Our America and being the first nation in the entire continent to abolish slavery. The nation that inspired in our Alejo Carpentier the idea of the ‘Marvelous Real’ as well as the original and extraordinary work “The Kingdom of this World”, has hardly survived to the harsh consequences of military tyrannies, plundering and foreign interventions, which do not come from Nature but from men and abuse of power. That is why it is necessary to speak in stark terms about the Haitian reality and the responsibility that the entire international community has towards its definitive transformation; as well as its enormous debt with a noble and hard-working people that deserve and need our respect and support. Follow the link:                  

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