Statement of the Solidarity Movement of Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago in favor of the lifting of the United States economic blockade against Cuba.

The Trinidad and Tobago Friends of Cuba (TTFC) is in full solidarity with the government and people of Cuba in their six decades of struggle financially and diplomatically against the inhumane US embargo. The TTFC feels morally compelled to show solidarity with our long suffering Cuban friends in this display imperialist power.

It is important that the official information received on the adverse effects of the embargo is most instructive and should be widely disseminated . The embargo is a most

undemocratic action and is being perpetrated by the so called champion of democracy. Clearly a false narrative. They continue to want others to be what they are not.

The TTFC supports the United Nations resolution 76/4 passed by tne General Assembly entitled “Necessity of ending the economic and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba”. This action was taken after military action namely the Bay of pigs invasion failed. This economic blockade has caused the Cuban economy hundreds of billions of dollars of losses affecting the trade, investments, technology, health and industry. While Cuban people have suffered they have become even more determined to survive. They have become innovative and improved their capabilities in many areas of development especially in terms of health, agriculture and education. All this was accomplished while having to protect the revolution.

It was some 56years ago when the then President of the United States of America John F Kennedy implemented this Economic Blockade against Cuba which has severely hampered Cuba`s economic growth. It was not until the end of the second Presidential term of Barack Obama that we saw some softening of positions on a number of issues there gave great hope that the blockade would have been removed.

The current President of the United States of America, Donald Trump immediately reversed what was gained through negotiations by Presidents Obama and Raul Castro and has been aggressively attacking Cuba by rhetoric and policy. The Cuban government has been calculating the financial effects of the blockade and a recent document shows exactly all the areas of the economy that have been affected. The figures are staggering. The the Cuba survived is a tribute to the leadership and resilience of its people.

The Trinidad and Tobago Friends of Cuba continues to extend our hands of friendship and solidarity with the people of Cuba.

We call on President Donald Trump to:

•Stop his aggressiveness and collective punishment of Cuba and the Cuban people and to remove the economic blockade now.

•To adhere to the decisions of the general assembly and the overwhelming position of the international community and to stop using its veto power to perpetuate this unjust suffering of the Cuban people.

Cuba has the democratic and sovereign right to rule itself.  





Clyde Callender


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