Successful exchange with students from Carleton University

A successful meeting took place at the Cuban Embassy in Canada with students from Carleton University, who will soon travel to our country as part of an academic exchange between this center of higher studies and the University of Havana.


During the meeting, topics of interest such as the history, culture and traditions of Cuba were discussed, as well as the principles governing the foreign policy of our country, the bilateral relations between Cuba and Canada, the effects of the U.S. blockade on our society, and the achievements of the Cuban Revolution.


The meeting was attended by Ambassador Héctor Igarza and by the Press and Cultural Attaché, Aileén Carmenaty, who conveyed the reality of our country to the participants, whom showed a deep interest in expanding their knowledge on Cuba. 


The meeting made it possible to continue strengthening academic ties with this institution of the Canadian capital, in order to consolidate future bilateral projects.


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