Successful meeting between the Ministry of Higher Education of Cuba and the Ministry of Higher Education of Quebec

As part of their visit to Canada, the Director General of Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies, OndinaLeón Díaz, PhD, and the Head of the Multilateral Affairs Department, Maiky Díaz Pérez, PhD, held a virtual meeting with Jean Philip, an official of the Ministry of Higher Education of Quebec.

During the meeting, they exchanged views on the role of the ministries of higher education in supporting the triple university mission of teacher training, scientific research and extension services to the communities and the society. It was a successful exchange with common ground on difficulties and challenges, especially with regard to professionalization, PhD training and student mobility, as well as the link between universities and the productive and service sectors, and innovation zones. Mutual interest was expressed in strengthening the existing relations and exploring new possibilities for collaboration. An invitation was extended to them to attend the International Congress Universidad 2024.

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