Television Program Good Morning Namibia discloses Cuba's position on Title III of Helms Burton.

Television Program Good Morning Namibia discloses Cuba's position on Title III of Helms Burton.

Namibia, May 6th, 2019- The television program "Good Morning Namibia", of the national television network NBC, hosted the Cuban diplomatic Aldo Fuentes, who talked about the US Blockade against Cuba, the Helms Burton Act and its Title III.

Fuentes delved into the particularities of this law, its uniqueness within the system of laws of the United States and the world, its marked extraterritorial nature and the consequences of the application of Title III for Cuba, Namibia and the rest of the international community. He also denounced the objective of the Law and the Blockade: the destruction of the Cuban Revolution.

Likewise, the Cuban diplomat explained the process of nationalization carried out after January 1959, in strict compliance with national and international laws and denounced the refusal of the US government to reach an agreement, based on fair and adequate compensation. Likewise, he mentioned other nations with which Cuba did achieve these agreements and that still invest there today.

Also, Fuentes explained that US policy towards Cuba has been hijacked by the anti-Cuban mafia of South Florida and by the most conservative political sectors within the United States. He denounced that the objective of those, in his own words, is to reverse the disastrous policies of the Obama administration and achieve a regime change in Cuba. In the same way, he said that this escalation against the Caribbean island is part of the offensive of the current US government against the rest of the progressive countries of Latin America.

The Cuban representative said that Cuba has made a call to the international community, to condemn this aggressive new escalation of the government of the United States, has requested solidarity support to prevent the Blockade affecting bilateral relations between the Island and the rest of the countries of the world and expressed its commitment to protect investors and foreign businessmen who have or establish links with the country.

Finally, Fuentes conveyed the gratitude of the Cuban people and government to Namibia for its historic support in the fight against the Blockade.

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