There is nothing more important than a child's smile

There is nothing more important than a child's smile

Basseterre, July 18, 2022: Following the maxim that there is nothing more important than the smile of a little boy, our Cuban house in Saint Kitts and Nevis welcomed Cuban children on the third Sunday of July to celebrate their national day.

Laughter and excitement were the protagonists of this afternoon of recreation, in a day dedicated to the youngest members of the Cuban community that resides on this Caribbean island.

After asking them the question of what we were celebrating, most responded in unison to the expected chorus. However, little Rocío, only 5 years old argued that this party was also because of her good results at school, for having fulfilled her homework and finally being on vacation. And yes, that is always cause for joy, but above all, after an irregular school year due to Covid-19, which made the effort and dedication of these children even greater.

(EmbaCuba San Cristóbal y Nieves- Cubaminrex)

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