Toronto Celebrates 59th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution

Toronto, January 08th, 2018.-  Despite the low temperatures, last Saturday, the 59th anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution was celebrated in this city, at the headquarters of "Casa Maíz", where friends came to express its warmest admiration for the Caribbean island. The event was organized by solidarity associations with Cuba, among them Víctor Jara Cultural Group, Association of Cubans living in Toronto "Juan Gualberto Gómez", Toronto-Canada Friendship Association of Toronto, Friends of Cuba against the US Blockade and the Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network (FOCUSB and LACSN, ​​for its acronym in English).

Tania López Larroque, Consul General of Cuba in this city, in her greeting referred to the main events and achievements of her country, both in domestic and foreign policy. The Cuban diplomat stressed that, despite the restoration of relations with the United States, which has been affected by the recent positions of the current US government, the economic, commercial and financial blockade remains intact and the Guantanamo naval base persists in the territory illegally occupied. Likewise, those present demanded the end of the unfair blockade against Cuba and called for the unity of Latin Americans in order to defend the independence and sovereignty of the brotherly people of Venezuela. The officials of the Consulate General in Toronto also attended the event and the program closed with the enjoyment of Cuban music.

Consulate General in Toronto