Tribute to Caribbean Patriarch Robert ¨Bobby¨ Clarke by the progressive forces of Barbados and the University of the West Indies.

Flyer convocando homenaje a Bobby Clarke

Barbadian civil society organizations, with the support of government representation and the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus, convened a tribute ceremony to the tireless progressive fighter Robert ¨Bobby¨ Clarke, with a view to recognizing him on his arrival at 90 years of age a tradition of struggle and combat alongside the most progressive forces in the Caribbean, and his unwavering commitment to the Cuban Revolution since the 1960s.


Recalling how in 1964, on his first trip to Cuba, he was received by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and they then talked about the educational needs of the Caribbean region, in the process of gaining independence for some of these island nations, together with the entire process of organizing scholarships, educating colleagues and leaders, and fostering the urgent need to promote cooperation in pursuit of economic development in the region.

In the Theater of the School of Medicine of the University of the West Indies, adorned with the images of the revolutionary colleagues who accompanied his uninterrupted liberating, independentist, Caribbean and Pan-African trajectory: Fidel Castro, Maurice Bishop, Hugo Chávez, Walter Rodney, with the participation of the Music Band of the Barbadian National Police and artists from different generations, led by the Cultural Ambassador and Dr. the Most Honorable Anthony `Gabby´ Carter and the Honorable Senator John King, a group of speakers recognized his revolutionary trajectory linked indissolubly to the Cuban, Granada and Bolivarian revolutions.



Ambassadors David Comissiong and Anthony Gabby Carter from Barbados, Martha Ortega from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Sergio Jorge Pastrana from Cuba spoke. Bobby himself had words of thanks in which he insisted that all merit corresponded to the collective work of the leaders with whom he was able to share and the peoples who carried out said independence crusade, and called for the continuation of the revolutionary work of the great figures of the Caribbean civilization.


The words of Ambassador David Comissiong, who recognizes him as his intellectual father, those of the other ambassadors present and the final words of the Professor of Political Science at the University, Dr. Tennyson Joseph, highlighted the imperishable legacy of this jurist, activist, pan-Africanist, but above all tireless revolutionary, as an example of humility, perseverance and fidelity to the principles of economic and social development within a socialist future.


Also present were the Member of Parliament, the Honorable Trevor Prescod, representative of the Office of the Prime Minister, the Reverend John Howell, the leader of the Coordinating Pan-African Organizations, Onkphra Wells, and the leaders of the Israel Lovell Foundation, the Clement Payne Movement and Barbadian youth cultural movements.


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