Tribute to Fidel in Ireland, in the framework of the 56 th. anniversary celebration of the Victory of Bay of Pigs

Ireland, April 19, 2017. With a political-cultural act was remembered the Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz, in the theater of Liberty Hall, headquarters of the largest trade union of Ireland (SIPTU- Services Industrial Professional and Technical Union)

Under the auspices of SIPTU Solidarity with Cuba Forum and the presence of representatives of various political forces, the Solidarity Movement, deputies and the Cuban Mission in Ireland, the documentary 66 Hours on the Battle of Giron was presented.

Jack O'Connor, General President of SIPTU, Ambassador Hermes Herrera and Jack McGinley, President of SIPTU Solidarity with Cuba Forum spoke about the personality of the Commander in Chief, the Revolution and its achievements in various fields and the damages of the US blockade against Cuba.

The audience applauded the excellent renditions of Irish music by Leo Richard, Paul Kelly and Graham Seeley, and the traditional Cuban performed by Tony Oscar and the Cuban Allstars. (CUBAMINREX-EmbaCubaIrlanda)