Tribute to Fidel is paid from Trinidad and Tobago.

Port of Spain December 2, 2023. The Solidarity movement "Trinidad and Tobago Friends of Cuba" and leaders of political and union forces, together with the collective of the Cuban diplomatic mission and the collaborators of the Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) met yesterday December 1 to pay tribute to the Commander in Chief on the 7th anniversary of his physical disappearance. This framework was conducive to the presentation of a photographic exhibition about Fidel that included his actions with CARICOM, in bilateral relations, in culture, sports and the direct and transparent contact that he always had with the Cuban people. 

The activity was chaired by Tania Diego Olite, Ambassador of Cuba; David Abdulah, political leader of the Social Justice Movement (MSJ), Clyde Callender and Peter Burke President and Vice President of the Solidarity Association "Trinidad & Tobago Friends of Cuba", Ozzy Warwick Secretary General of the Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM) and director of the Oil Workers Union (OWTU) and Dr. Orlando Lázaro Díaz Gómez, coordinator of the BMC. 

With emotional words the speakers recalled the life and work of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution. During the interventions carried out, the human, supportive, unifying and commitment qualities with his people, with the most needy in the Caribbean region and the world, were highlighted. An example of this Solidarity demonstrated by our Commander was duly remembered in the Posters presented by the BMC which showed the historical journey of the Cuban medical collaboration that began in 1963, as well as the work journey that the BMC has had in Trinidad and Tobago. Tobago, which on July 23 celebrated XX years of uninterrupted work in this brother country. 

The historic evening was also the setting for the demand for the lifting of the blockade that the United States government has maintained against Cuba for more than 60 years and the demand that the United States government immediately eliminate Cuba from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism. 


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