Tribute in Montreal in commemoration of the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro

On the afternoon of Friday, November 10, the book "864 days in the life of Fidel Castro" was presented in Montreal, by writer and academic Edgar Gousse, who collected in more than a thousand pages relevant aspects of the life and work of the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro, based on personal impressions and a deep admiration for the figure of the historic leader. The evening contributed to the exchange with writers, poets, intellectuals and academics.

The event was attended by friends from Cuba, who with their constant work of solidarity towards our country enriched the debate. The emotions emanating from the poetry and anecdotes created an atmosphere of closeness and deep respect for the Cuban revolutionary process, expressed in the affection and admiration for Fidel.

The Consul General, Susana Malmierca Benítez expressed her gratitude for the space dedicated to pay homage to the Commander in Chief. She also stressed the importance of passing on Fidel's thoughts to the new generations.

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