From Trinidad and Tobago  Cuban nationals  reject the hostile and demeaning attitude against the Cuban team that participated in the V World Baseball Classic.

Port of Spain, March 26, 2023. Nationals in Trinidad and Tobago raised their voices on behalf of the resident Cubans, rejecting the hostile attitude of the Miami authorities against the Cuban baseball team that represented #Cuba in the US.

Using the audiovisual and audio recordings, they expressed their disagreement with the attitudes assumed by a group of resident Cubans and some descendants living in the US, who supported the provocations raised by the Miami authorities to try to destabilize the Cuban team that so worthily represented our country in the sports event.

They also recognized the great effort made by the Cuban government to guarantee the preparation of the members of the national team despite the limitations of the blockade. They also highlighted the attitude of respect, the unity maintained and the discipline shown by the Cuban athletes in defense of the colors of the Homeland.

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