Trinidad and Tobago Friends of Cuba (TTFC) sends condolences to Cuba following plane crash

It is with great regret that the Trinidad and Tobago Friends of Cuba (TTFC) sends  condolences to the  President, government and  people of Cuba in the aftermath of  the crash of flight DMJ 0972 in the vicinity of the Jose Marti  International Airport. The tragic loss of 110 lives in Friday’s crash, mere minutes after takeoff is being mourned internationally.  We wish for the speedy recovery of the three survivors and that the families and friends of those who lost their lives could be comforted in this time of national mourning.  Condolences are also extended to families of the Mexican and Argentine victims of the crash. Reports that Aero Cubana has had to resort to leasing of aircraft as the US embargo continues to impact negatively on the maintenance  of its own fleet is another example of how the Cuban people are being continuously affected by this longstanding economic warfare. Despite this horrific setback we are confident in the resilience of the Cuban people and their ability to respond to adversity. 

The TTFC wishes that the ongoing investigation quickly reveal the cause of  this deadly accident. We remain your friends in full solidarity 


Clyde Callender



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