Trump administration fails once and again with Cuba (+Video)

Havana, (Prensa Latina) Slanders and accusations, especially against Cuba's international medical cooperation, are today part of a growing hostility escenario by the US Government against Cuba.

This was confirmed by Johana Tablada, deputy director for the United States Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during an exclusive interview with Prensa Latina News Agency in which she addressed these and other current issues.

The interview was carried out after a week has passed of a terrorist attack on the Cuban embassy in Washington, on April 30, and also when the US administration continues turning a deaf ear on 'the seriousness of this event.'

In this regard, Johana Tablada also restated that the history of terrorist attacks on Cuban diplomatic staff in the United States or those that were organized against Cuba, against its people, as well as against other parts of the world has been hidden.

Meanwhile, White House´s official social network accounts such as Twitter are a platform to try to vilify and hinder the Cuban solidarity, especially in times of pandemic.

Sectors that have been getting rich by the worsening relations with Cuba, she said, have led President Donald Trump to believe that Cuban emigration is mostly favoring the hard-line approach.

The truth is that the vast majority is really favoring a closer relationship with their nation of origin and their family, as it was proved by nearly 600,000 Cubans who were traveling to Cuba each year before the Covid-19 pandemic, Tablada stated.

On the other hand, there is a lot of interest in denigrating Cuba's public health and international cooperation, since the Health topic is top-priority and also a too serious problem that is subject of discussion on this year's US electoral agenda.

The whole frame-up that Cuban doctors are forced to go to other countries in a business they compare to human trafficking has to do with the need to hide the truth.

They are trying to hide 'the noble essence and above all the results that make it possible to check that it is not necessary and that it is too bad there are 48 million US citizens with no health insurance or poorly insured,' she stressed.

The Covid-19 catastrophic and painfully increased death toll in the United States only prove what many (in that country) have been denouncing for years, Johana Tablada said.

Cuba shows 'a coherent history of acting under principles of transparency taught by Fidel and Raúl, and that have not been modified by the present US government´s primitive, negative and damaging impression,' Tablada stressed.

As for the US pressures and threats, except in two or three countries, these did not find receptivity in most nations that sustained cooperation and collaboration programs with Cuba. 'On the contrary, the requests have increased,' she said.

According to the Ministry of Public Health, 51 nations have asked Cuba for medical assistance to fight the pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic emergency, she warned, has only exposed much more clearly the solidarity and valuable nature of the Cuban medical brigades´ noble and professional work.

At the same time, the US campaign under such conditions stands as an opportunistic and barbaric inhumane act.

The United States has never sided with the Cuban people. Historically speaking, the US has always identified its favorite Cubans to give them funds and a boost so as to raise the number of those people in the conversation, trying to silence the voice of the majority.

The USAID (United States Agency for International Development) has just posted a new call to distribute additional US$ 2 million to attain what they have not been able to reach.

They seek, Johana Tablada stressed, 'to make more efficient and obtain new outcomes in their discredited and malicious crusade against the Cuban medical collaboration.'

In other words, the USAID makes the attack on Cuba's international medical collaboration a top-priority, she said, insisting that it is scandalous and condemnable to happen amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Regarding the economic, financial and commercial US blockade that have been imposed on Cuba for over 60 years, Johana Tablada detailed that Washington -just in 2019- 'implemented 86 unilateral coercive actions on Cuba to tighten its blockade and stifle the Cuban economy.'

But 'there are no serious voices or nations to support the United States,' she added.

This criminal strategy has previously failed and will fail again. The United States once again underestimates Cuba's main strength, its people.

(Prensa Latina)


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