T&T reaffirms trade ties with Cuba

MINISTER of Trade and Industry Paula Gopee-Scoon recently met with Cuba's Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Rogelio Sierra Diaz to discuss, among other things, opportunities for increased trade with Cuba. Trinidad and Tobago is currently Cuba's largest Caricom trading partner, recording 80 per cent of trade in the region.

Sierra Diaz said his visit was part of the active re-engagement of partners under the leadership of Cuba's new president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, who was elected earlier this year. He indicated that Cuba recorded significant investment in 2017 in the Mariel Special Economic Development Zone, which is a symbol of economic collaboration and continues to seek out new foreign investment.

At the meeting, T& T's Minister of Trade expressed pleasure with the visit which she said demonstrates intensified relations with Cuba. 'Your market is important to us. We

do have a presence in air with direct flights by State carrier Caribbean Airlines has increased access to tourists, business people and valuable human resources and will further strengthen relations.'

Gopee Scoon emphasised that Trinidad and Tobago continues to exercise strong fraternal relations with Cuba, which commenced leadership of the country's first Prime Minister, Dr Eric Williams, and which has continued with successive administrations. She affirmed that economic ties and trade and investment links continue to be strengthened and cited similarities in the economies of both countries which require an intensified drive to attract foreign investment.

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