Turkmenistan State University opens its doors to Cuba

Alfredo Nieves Portuondo

The rector of the Turkmenistan State University, Bayramgul Orazdurdiyeva, showed interest in collaborating with Cuban institutions during a meeting with the Cuban ambassador to this Central Asian nation, Alfredo Nieves Portuondo.

The work meeting held at the university headquarters, allowed, according to the Cuban diplomat, to evaluate collaborative projects and strengthen the relations of friendship between the two nations.

Nieves Portuondo highlighted the experience in this area of ​​the University of Havana, founded on January 5, 1728, which makes it the oldest higher educational institution in Cuba, as well as one of the first in America.

The diplomat highlighted the research projects and doctoral programs that are developed in Cuban universities and research centers.

For her part, the rector Turkmena highlighted the emotional ties that unite both countries and also explained the work done by her high center of studies in cooperation in the field of scientific research and postgraduate studies with other universities in the region.

Bayramgul Orazdurdiyeva expressed gratitude for the visit to the University, which, without a doubt, he highlighted, "will help strengthen the ties of cooperation and friendship between the universities of Cuba and Turkmenistan."

The Turkmenistan State University was founded on July 14, 1950. He has been a member of the Eurasian Association of Universities since 1989 and is currently named after the Turkmen poet Makhtumkuli.

The institution has international cooperation agreements with research centers such as: Moscow State University “Lomonosov”, Baku State University, Yerevan State University, Belarus State University and the Romanian State University, among others.

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