UNESCO congratulates Cuba


PL, Havana, Cuba, January 4, 2021.- The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) congratulated Cuba on the 62nd anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution on January 1.

The Cuban permanent mission to the multilateral UN body said in a statement that it had received a congratulatory letter for the Cuban Government and people on the occasion of the historic date.

In the letter, the UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Priority Africa and External Relations, Firmin Matoko, highlighted the ties that have always existed between Cuba and the UN agency. He also thanked Cuba for its commitment to UNESCO's ideals and programs, and reiterated the will to continue working together.

Matoko also expressed interest in continuing to strengthen ties in areas such as the achievement of the UN 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as defending multilateralism. The Cuban permanent mission recalled that the history of diplomatic relations between Cuba and UNESCO dates back to the origins of the agency, with its official entry on August 29, 1947.

Months later, that step was complemented with the establishment of the Cuban National Commission for UNESCO to promote cooperation in all areas of competence of the international agency, Matoko stressed.

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