United Nations acknowledges Cuba for its contribution to the 2021 budget of the organization

New York, 26 January 2021.  Cuba was included in the United Nations Honour Roll, having paid its regular budget assessment to the organization in full, corresponding to 2021. The Island was the 19th Member State to contribute to UN finances.

It is a contrast that a small, developing island, commercially, economically and financially blockaded by the world's largest power, fulfills its duties to the United Nations, while powerful nations cut their budgets earmarked for the organization or keep it under financial blackmail.

Cuba maintains a policy of respect for multilateralism and representativeness, inclusion and participation of the Member States of the United Nations in all its fora and debates. Its financial support for the world organization is one of its contributions to the development and proper functioning of the United Nations.

Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations

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