United States has to learn how to behave as Cuba´s neighbor

Daily Observer, printed edition

Banjul, October 25th, 2016.- That was assured by the Ambassador of Cuba to Banjul, Lázaro Herrera, in an interview published full page by the newspaper Daily Observer where Ambassador pointed out: "... United States has to learn how to behave as Cuba´s neighbor, without interference in our internal affairs, respecting our sovereignty, renounce to continue organizing actions to try to subvert Cuban political system."

The interview, which appeared in a weekend section published on the newspaper, highlights Ambassador Herrera´s views about the new period opened between the Caribbean island and the United States since their respective Presidents´ decision taken on 1 June 2015, to re-establish diplomatic links and also refers to the good development of the relations between Cuba and the Gambia.

On this last aspect, the diplomat expressed the eternal thanks of the Cuban Government and people for the strong support offered by the African nation to the battle for ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by United States against the island; He underlined that this support has not been limited to the blockade, but also included others aspects such as the past struggle for the liberation of the Five and Cuba´s demand for the devolution of the illegally occupied territory of Guantánamo.

"I also want to express our eternal gratitude to the strong movement of solidarity with Cuba here in the Gambia, which has accompanied my country in the above mentioned battles during all these decades." He stressed.