Unity of Youths and Veterans, Best Way to Honor Fidel Castro

Santiago de Cuba, Dec 3(Prensa Latina) President of the Association of Combattants of the Cuban Revolution (ACRC in Spanish) , José Antonio Carrillo, asserted today that the best way to render tribute to Fidel Castro is to maintain unity between youths and veterans.

Under any circumstance, we will maintain unity and continue the work of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, because we have the challenge of following the example of martyrs, he said in the act of post-humous tribute at the Revolution Square Antonio Maceo of this city.

Young and Old Pines, phrase used by Jose Marti, will keep loyal to the precepts of Fidel and his concept of Revolution, he added.

'The association is and always will be like you wanted, Comandante, a front-line detachment to save the Homeland, the Revolution and Socialism.'

Carrillo continued that with unbreakable will, Fidel channeled the heroism of his people and recalled the numerous demonstrations of courage of the leader.

Fidel was the voice of the people and knew how to interpret the ideas of héroes like Simon Bolivar and Jose Marti to introduce them in the Revolution, he pointed.

We mourn your departure, but the Revolution you dreamerd of, started and made a reality, dedicating all your life to it we will carry it onward with absolute loyalty united in unstoppable march, he stressed.

'Rest in peace, Comandante, we will never renounce your legacy, your teachings are present in each Cuban when we shout 'I am Fidel'.



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