University of Abuja commemorates the birth of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

Nigeria, August 12, 2022.- On the occasion of the 96th anniversary of the birth of Commander Fidel Castro, a masterful academic presentation on his thought and example was held at the University of Abuja, Nigeria.

The activity was chaired by the Vice-Chancellors of the high house of studies, Professors Sadeeque Abba and C. B. I. Alawa. A hundred professors and students from the University participated, as well as representatives of the solidarity movement with Cuba, Cuban residents in the country and the heads of mission of Mexico, Palestine, the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, South Africa, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.

A panel made up of well-known professors of high prestige referred to the significance of the work of our Commander-in-Chief, including his permanent support and solidarity towards the African continent and his exceptional leadership capacity.

The occasion was also propitious to reiterate a firm denunciation against the criminal blockade of more than 60 years of the United States government against Cuba.

During the event, the Cuban ambassador Clara M. Pulido Escandell highlighted the validity of Fidel's thought, and especially in the relations of friendship and solidarity towards Africa, a legacy that should continue watering the fertile land of the new generations of Cubans and Africans.

The Cuban diplomat also exposed the essential elements of the US government's policy towards Cuba. She updated on the increase in pressure measures, essentially through the Yankee blockade against the Cuban people, and on the current situation in Cuba.

The Cuban Ambassador thanked the direction of the University and all the friends present, for carrying out this activity, full of love and friendship from Africa towards Cuba, and where the admiration of Africans towards Commander Fidel could be ratified.

Also present from the Cuban embassy were counselor Pavel Bauzá and Danilo Arrieta, also from the directors of the diplomatic headquarters.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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