US Blockade against Cuba Condemned in India

India, Mar 4 2016. The Church of North India (CNI) a Protestant denomination with more than 1.5 million faithful, condemned today the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed the United States against Cuba for more than 50 years.

During a religious ceremony at a temple on the occasion of World Day of Prayer, this year devoted to Cuba, Communication Secretary of the CNI, Sushma Ramswami, demanded the end of this punitive measure.

The Cuban ambassador in India, Oscar Martinez Cordovés, thanked those present for the prayers and the positive thoughts towards his country and stressed the importance of ending the US blockade.

We share with you the feelings of solidarity, our goal is to fight for the children and the poorest sectors, Martinez Cordoves said.

During the liturgy promoted by All India Council of Christian Women, the participants condemned the unjust blockade that affects the Cuban people and endangers the health and growth of Cuban children.(Prensa Latina India/Cubaminrex)

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