U.S. church network asks to remove Cuba from terrorist list.

More than 120 Presbyterian churches in the United States signed a letter to President Joe Biden calling for the removal of Cuba from the arbitrary list of sponsors of terrorism because it inflicts suffering on Cubans today.

"Mr. President, you have the power to remove Cuba from the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism. Cuba is not a terrorist country," said the signatories.

Grouped in the Cuba Partners Network, the churches recalled that the Barack Obama administration (2009-2017), of which Biden was vice president, removed the island from that list in 2015 after concluding what was obvious: it is not a sponsor of terrorism.

They argued that "in fact, it is our understanding that the U.S. and Cuban governments have cooperated on counterterrorism issues in the region."

They said they witnessed "the economic strangulation and hardship of our partner churches and the Cuban population caused by the U.S. embargo (blockade)" because of that designation.

They referred to the tightening of the blockade by the reactivation, as they warned, of Title III of the 1996 Helms-Burton Act, stricter regulations under the Donald Trump Administration (2017-2021) and the reimposition of Cuba as a country sponsor of terrorism.

Last Oct. 24-27, the NPC held an annual church partners meeting with Cuban pastoral and lay representatives.

"We listened to the latest sufferings suffered by church families and all Cubans as a result of the regulations" generated by being included in this list, as "financing and imports are affected," they emphasized.

"Cubans cannot import medicines, pharmaceutical supplies and medical equipment; food and supplies for food production; petroleum, energy supplies and equipment, among the wide range of common daily necessities whose importation is prohibited," they argued in the letter.

The letter mentioned to Biden a series of sad stories about the impact of an unjustified inclusion, which gives a twist to the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed more than six decades ago to the people of the island nation.

They regretted the effect of the coercive measure especially in the sphere of public health in the treatment of cancer patients, especially children, and the effects on the daily life of Cubans due to the shortage of fuel.

It is clear that with this they are trying to reduce "the Cuban economy to dust", the letter emphasized while respectfully insisting that Biden "recognize the terrible damage" he is causing to Cubans and suggested that he "act immediately to remove Cuba from the list". In January 2021, days before leaving office, Trump reinstated Cuba in Washington's unilateral relationship, adding that provision to the more than 240 measures adopted during his term in office by the Republican in his policy of maximum pressure against Cuba.

A line from which, in its essence, the current Democratic occupant of the Oval Office has not deviated so far.

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