US hostile rhetoric escalation: Statement by the Director General in charge of the United States, Carlos Fernández de Cossío

The Director General in charge of the United States Carlos Fernández de Cossío alerted that in recent months the US government has escalated its hostile rhetoric against Cuba.  “It makes use of reiterated statements from high level  officials  aimed at manufacturing pretexts that steer toward a climate of greater bilateral tension”, said the official.

He clarified that “in a very specific way, the US government attempts to defend with any resource available the unilateral policy of economic blockadeuniversally repudiated because of its criminal nature and for violating International Law.”

He stated that the US government “knows that it is a behavior that does not enjoy the support of US citizens nor of Cuban residents that live there” and he specified that US leaders attack the political, economic and social system chosen by the people of Cuba, disregarding the sovereign right of every nation to determine its own destiny.

“Theyhave manufactured unfounded accusations against Cuba with the so called heath incidents, uttering defamatory imputations about the security of their diplomats in Cuba”, said Fernández de Cossío.

He added that they are trying to resuscitate the failed campaign against Cuba in the area of human rights. He highlighted that “far from engaging in dialogue on the basis of respect, as Cuba has been ready to do, with cooperation aims and as it does with other countries,the US government chooses fraudulent accusations and defamatory campaigns”.

He recalled that “this is the government that has turned its back on the United Nations in regards to human rights”, that with excessive frequency, in the US or because of the actions of its government, reports come out “on cases of abuse of the death penalty, of police violence, of tens of thousands of people without shelter, of child abuse, of children separated from their parents, and of bombings that kill innocent civilians in third countries, none of which occurs in Cuba”.

According to the Director, the US government dedicates every year millions of dollars “to act against the Cuban constitutional order, to interfere in its domestic affairs and to finance individuals that act as agents of a foreign power, something that is illegal in Cuba, as it is in the US and other countries”.

Fernández de Cossío denounced as “irresponsible and provocative the statements and falsehoods” used by the US government with the aim of justifying the imposed setback in bilateral relations.  He reminded that, “recently, officials of known antiCuban record have joined the foreign policy structures of the government, individuals capable, as they have done in the past, of manufacturing false allegations that have been uncovered and documented, including by the US Congress”.

“Cuba is a country of peace that develops its foreign relations on the basis of respect and cooperation that enjoys a recognized trajectory of solidarity and friendship, particularly with developing countries”, highlighted the official, while adding that “it is policy of the United States toward Cuba the one that suffers isolation”.

He stated that, as will be seen, next October 31 the international community will once again request at the United Nations the end of the blockade. “The government of the United States and its State Department should pay attention to that universal demand.

Source: CubaMINREX